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Thursday , July 18 2024

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How Proxy Made The Use of IoT Devices Simpler

How-Proxy-Made-The-Use-of-IoT-Devices-SimplerProxy is a startup that successfully raised $1.6 million in seed funding helping people to use internet enabled devices. The idea behind the application was to cut off the annoying process of login for every separate device or standalone app.

Formulation of Idea

The co-founders of Proxy, says the overwhelming number of IoT devices was the motivator behind Proxy. The use of IoT devices has reached an alarming number since the past few years. The Industry Trade shows have been featuring many of such devices. These devices range from smart home appliances to building office HR management systems.

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IoT have no doubt, made many things simple for us. But when people start using these applications, logging in into them everytime can be a bit irritating. The Proxy team, therefore, began to work on a project that helps people start using these Internet of Things immediately. Now users do need to sign in with them every time before use. The Proxy Mobile app was indeed a better and convenient way to use such devices.

This concept had a better user experience with the Disney MagicBand which was a wristband that transmitted data and allowed guests at Disney world to get right to the rides, food or other experiences that they pre-order. With these wristbands working and without a paper ticket, people no longer have to wait in long lines to get the server’s or cashier’s attention.

The Beginning

Proxy also do not want people to buy a new device to use this feature. Therefore, the team developed an app for the smartphones. This idea was the best way to do it because an app is something everyone carries all the time.

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Smartphone emits a Bluetooth signal with Proxy that the sensors of IoT devices pick up. These sensors connected to the IoT devices, such as electronically locked doors or home entertainment system get instructions and works in these Bluetooth signals.

As soon as the user with the Proxy app reaches the IoT device, the sensors detect their presence and check if the user is granted access to the device by requesting Proxy for an ID. The backend system of it verifies their ID, and once it is confirmed that the user is allowed to use the device, it will quickly operate.

Proxy started its operations for door locking system at the offices only at the initial phase of development. This system initially required card keys to operate. More than 15 companies in San Francisco Bay area are already on the way to use Proxy with their employees said the co-founders.

The Bottom Line

Proxy made the process of granting access rights to the new hires or guests who visit their office. The process otherwise required a third party to issue new or temporary cards to give access. Thus, the application makes it easy for the corporate world to smoothen this process without the need of a third party.

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