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Monday , April 15 2024

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Top 10 Conferencing Tools for 2019

Conferencing tools are usually used to conduct audio or video meeting with the help of the internet. Some of its essential features include screen sharing, chats, file sharing, information of presence remote control, and recording. Web conferencing offers several benefits such as improved collaboration, cost efficient long distance communication, and minimalistic expenditures on traveling. Hence this software is especially suitable for start ups’ and small business enterprises with a low budget. Some of the top vendors of web conferencing tools include Skype, Go to the Meeting, Ring Central, Web ex. In the below section, we shall be discussing about one of the top 10 web conferencing tools that could help you select the best one that is most suitable for your organization.

Life Size Life Size is one of the award winning web conferencing tool. Life size allows its users to install the correct form of conferencing software, equipment, hardware in any kind of meeting room, be it ultra mini, medium, or large meeting hall. Life Size allows its users to perform one on one meeting, board room meeting, group meeting, seminars, etc.

Flock Conferencing A powerful conferencing conferencing tool that unites dispersed teams through its communication, file sharing, productivity, and output features. Flock is suitable for any business type, be it small medium or large. It comes with a group messaging feature that is specially created for swift communication, increased business efficiency, and maximum productivity. 
8X8 VolP Phone Service: Another one of the most powerful cloud-hosted web conferencing software that allows its users to assist their customers in a better way through the phone is the 8X8 VolP Phone Service tool. Besides serving the easily hosted phone service, they also offer a cloud based call center software. This software is majorly used by health care, insurance, construction, transport, and financial concerns as well as businesses with multiple office locations.
Join. Me Another cloud based tool allows its users, businesses, and organizations to conduct online meetings anytime, anywhere. With, companies can efficiently perform or be a part of any meeting, team up and segment their ideas and also discuss about other business activities even if they are not in their office or near their desktops.
Uber Uber is another powerful audio visual conferencing tool allowing the callers to watch other participants either on their mobile phones or on their desktops. One thing that needs to be remembered about this tool is that it is more of a conference calling tool rather than a video conferencing tool that is specially designed for businesses that have to do frequent conference calling.
Zoom Zoom is a super amazing app designed especially for conducting webinars, online courses or training programs, video conferencing, or demonstrations. The best part about this software is its high quality audio, video, and screen sharing and effortless incorporation with other remote employees, team members with just one touch of their mobile screens, or one click of their computer devices.
Cisco Web Ex Another one of the most flexible audio and video conferencing tool designed for types of businesses be small, medium, or large scale enterprises. The users can easily create a productive workspace that enhances brainstorming and group assimilations through its high quality audio system, conference calls, and teleconferencing features.
Go to Meeting Go to Meeting is a very easy and upfront conferencing tool that is loaded with multiple features that makes it an ideal choice or multi national companies and professionals having contracts with several international organizations or clients. It comes with a user-friendly interface and can easily be integrated with multiple applications and devices, including Podio, slack, Microsoft office 365, and much more.
High Five High Five is a super powerful video conferencing tool having multiple features for conducting online meetings and conferences in a more simple and effortless manner. High five helps in improvising the meeting pattern. In fact, it has transformed the entire online meeting and conferencing pattern by eliminating bulky demonstration concerns. It is especially suitable for businesses and professionals dealing with clients from different cities or countries.
In conclusion, we expect that our small guide and a list of top 10 most popular web conferencing tools helped you get a better idea of the type of platform you could select in order to handle your Meeting and conferencing tasks effectively.

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