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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Top 10 Project Management Tools for 2019

Most of the business organizations use Project management tools to share documents, control their project costs and risk involved, and work together in real time. These Project Management Software offer a wide range of benefits besides helping organizations get well managed and complete the assigned task within the specified period of time and scheduled budget.
A large number of Project Management tools are available in the market, making it difficult for the users to select the best one.

The article will help you choose the best tool for your business. Here, we shall be listing one of the top 10 Project Management software along with their features, assistances that could help you select the one that suits your project management requirements.

Monday. Com is a cloud-based project management tool that helps teams to manage and organize projects at the time of workload as well as communicate effectively to each other. The tool presents a color-coded dashboard that lets the users quickly see which tasks are in the pipeline. With, one can easily manage everything with the help of a single dashboard.
Wrike The next one is Wrike, the second best project management tool that comes with all the features anyone has ever expected for. From collaborative timelines and combined applications to task management and financial management, the Wrike Collaboration tool has it all.
Clarizen One of the best project management tool is Clarizen. One of the unique parts of this software is that it can link Project management with social media in an effortless manner. One can easily prioritize tasks, budgets, resources, and efficiently manage their essential resources and information in a systematic manner.
Project Manager Project Manager is created to make the project planning, budgeting, scheduling, execution, and reporting more efficient is the Project Manager. It helps its users to implement and finish their assignments as per the scheduled time, no matter how small or big they are.
Zoho Projects Zoho is best suitable for any business type, be it small medium or large scale enterprise. It is specially programmed to automate all the routine business activities, keep a systematic track of sales, and also engage its prospective customers in different interfaces.
Backlog The backlog is a highly efficient project management tool that helps in managing tasks, tracking the bug, and version control. It brings together the organizational benefits with the convenience and power of code management and enhances team collaborations across small as well as large organizations.
Bitrix 24 Bitrix 24 is an online project management tool that allows its users to manage a large number of projects and assignments. Some of its prominent features include the association of tasks, management of all the documents, Gantt Chart, and systematic tracking of time.
Meister Task Another cloud based project management tool that assists the project management team in getting complete control over the entire tasks and projects is Meister. It structures a customizable project board, thereby ensuring that all the team members are well procured with every project detail and status.
Workamajig Platinum Another cloud based multiple featured project management tool that is specially designed for creative teams to collaborate through a single platform, collect necessary information, thereby enabling the team members to get a clear vision about the projects undertaken by them. Workamajig allows the users to focus more on the creative side of the projects as they no longer have to enter information, recover specific data, or generate reports manually.
Nuvro Nuvro is a feature packed project management tool that helps all the online businesses to accomplish their tasks and projects at the scheduled time. Further, it also gives a bird’s eye view to all the project managers through their visual calendar that enables them to get an overview of all the ongoing and future tasks.

We believe that our small guide and a list of top 10 most popular Project Management software helped you get a better idea of the type of platform you could select in order to handle your project management task effectively.

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