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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Top 3 Email Tools for Small and Medium Businesses

Top-3-Email-Tools-for-small-and-medium-businessIf you are going to set up a new business or are an owner of running one, the right Email tool can build a solid base to be more productive. For business use, Emails have been used for multiple purposes. When it comes to small and medium business needs, the selection of the right email tool becomes complex. Should they go for free email services that don’t provide free domain names and don’t look professional? Or should they opt for a decent tool that is cost-effective and not cluttered? The choice depends on specific business requirements and decision makers.

Here considerations are taken for the convenience of small business and top 3 handy email tools are selected which can be very helpful at low cost out of Top 10 Email Tools for Small and Medium Businesses.

Google Mail

As part of ‘Google apps for work’, Google Mail (Gmail) provides domains at very low cost and with diverse functionality. The tool is highly available and has integration with other apps as well.


  • Strong security- spam protection and virus protection.
  • It caters lots of space that can store emails over the years.
  • It provides great support.


  • The tool is unable to keep a backup of mailboxes.
  • The tool runs Google AdWords inside the interface, one might find that aggravating.

Aabaco small business

Yahoo introduced its email tool dedicated to a small business as Aabaco. The tool is very helpful, particularly for small and medium businesses. It is a complete business suite that caters unlimited storage and unlimited users.


  • The tool allows you to organize messages through drag and drop.
  • It allows customized email addresses for your business.
  • Enhanced search to scan content and find older messages.


  • Email management pages are not clearly displayed.
  • Norton Antivirus does not come with the custom mailbox package.


The tool has a powerful set of capabilities and features that helps you organize tools and sets of Microsoft apps and services. Outlook offers a simpler and clutter-free Email service. The tool is also available as mobile apps.


  1. The tool provides social connections for richer contracts.
  2. It enables you to clean up the mailbox using some options.
  3. Tightly integrated with the most common formats of documents.


  1. It might be costly as a standalone program.
  2. When accessing the folders, it seems cumbersome.


If your business aims to become a larger business in the short term, Aabaco would be ready to lend a hand. The tool allows you to create a business website as well. Now the question remains Gmail or Outlook, both provide similar features and cost almost the same. It depends on the team size. For smaller teams, Outlook would be the best handy tool while, for bigger teams, Google mail from ‘Google apps for work’ would really work well. The key factor is the storage they provide. Both the tools are good at mobile accessibility, has integration with numerous tools and highly available.

You can find the detailed Email tools product reviews for Outlook, Gmail, and Aabaco.

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