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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Trending among ToOLOwl friends and fans

Top Indian Apps To Fight COVID 19

The world is on a battle with the novel coronavirus pandemic relying heavily on the technology. Every sector of the industry is dependent on the technology from healthcare organizations, government bodies, to private enterprises in some of the other form to beat the unknown faces of the changing economy. India, …

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Can COVID-19 Severity be Detected through Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Various researchers have developed different applications that, with the help of artificial intelligence and big data, can detect which patients are likely to have serious and severe COVID-19 cases. In the current scenario, US researchers, after understanding the circumstances and situation of frontline workers and doctors, have made such applications. …

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Can IoT Save People From Covid-19

The world of IoT is habitually aimed at the visualization and big data of the things that our society uses to help an organization or industry to operate. Due to the outburst of COVID-19, various companies are trying their best to find a solution to save them from such an outbreak. Three companies are trying …

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