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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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10 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business

10-LinkedIn-marketing-hacks-to-grow-your-businessLinkedIn is the most powerful social networking site when it comes to businesses and careers. Here you get to make more professional and business minded interactions with people. It is opposed to making contact with people through Facebook or Twitter where your main concern is just casual socializing, when you interact through LinkedIn, you mean business.

Use your LinkedIn profile efficiently and you can drastically increase your potential to grow your business through this platform. Here are some of the hacks that you can use to achieve that:


Sponsored Updates

Sponsored updates are an effective way to get your content in the eyes of the prominent influencers on LinkedIn. This way you can showcase your expertise to people who aren’t in your network. It enables you to narrow down your audience who get the updates so that you get the best results for your investments. LinkedIn provides analytics where you can compare the performance of sponsored ads as opposed to the unsponsored ones.

Target your Customers

LinkedIn is the best platform to make highly targeted connections. You can target your customers based on their industry, job description or size of the company. You can target the profiles that will be most interested in your product.

Email Marketing List

Send a letter inviting your connections to be included on your marketing list. Attach a link for the email SignUp. Write an apology for the letter not being so personalized. This way, you can message 50 people at once.

Maintain Quality of Content

Post content which is of high quality and which is targeted according to your audience. It should provide solutions to their problems or some tips to improve their work. Offer something of value to them.

Create your LinkedIn Group

Create your own LinkedIn group. After that you can join a number of other groups and once you are a member in them, you can filter the list of members from those groups and sort out your target prospects whom you can send invites to join your group.

Complete the Profiles

Complete your LinkedIn profile and get your employees to complete theirs as well. It reflects the identity of your online business brand. It should include profile photos, professional connections and a complete description of what your company offers.

Claim your Custom URL

Make sure you claim your custom URL because when people (your potential customers) search for your name, you are more likely to appear at the top of their search results if you have a custom URL.

Don’t Hard Sell

Don’t use hard sell tactics like marketing slogans and or pushing people to use your product. People don’t like to be interrupted and if you want them to listen to you, offer something that benefits them.

Complete the Summary

Don’t overlook the summary section. This is your chance to speak directly to your target audience. People prefer connecting to a person before they check out a website or product. Here you can clearly describe what how you can help solve their problem.

Build Relationships

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals to connect with each other. Here, business owners can connect with potential clients and partners and grow relationships over time.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for marketing. Here, it is marketing is done in a more sincere and straightforward manner without the need for much art or tactics like there is on other platforms. All you need to do is include related keywords in your personal profiles and use rich media content in the form of videos or documents.

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