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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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10 Apps That Will Help Accentuate Your Digital Marketing Campaign


Apps possess a special power and significant role in the digital marketing world. As more and more people are leveraging interesting apps, even app makers are broadening the scope of supportive tools. Targeting digital marketing campaign, this is difficult to perform a successful marketing unless and until there is a robust background, exhibiting essential tasks towards a prominent business mark.

Following are the most helpful and beneficial apps for managing the work-life for successful business activities.

Product Details
 hootsuite Hootsuite app provides a platform that lets a user connect with social media regarding their posts. With this app, a user can manage the social media posts by observing and scheduling them. Moreover, its analytical features allow the user is increasing traffic and following. The app is available for iOS and Android.
 carrot To-do lists are vital for managing marketing campaigns. Carrot app can help you achieve a robust to-do list dashboard. This task manager app supports you in fulfilling your required tasks and gives rewards virtual gifts after its completion. The tough taskmaster can help you achieve your work with rewards. Get it for iOS platform.
 Social-media-Management-Buffer Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer app allows the user to monitor and measure social media accounts. The analytics caters you how your posts perform on the social channels. As the name suggests, you can buffer the content by scheduling them throughout the week as per the audience. You can get it for iOS and Android devices.
 any-do Any.Do behaves as a task manager with best to-do list feature. The app keeps you organized with to-do lists, and notes based on the management of time and geo-locations. Present for both Android and iOS platform, Any.Do consists powerful features like robust sync, widget, reminders, daily planner and others.
 due If you are searching for an advanced reminder platform, the Due app is your destination. iCloud and Dropbox handle the app syncing providing you the quick app management. iOS users can download it and can start setting and experiencing fast reminders.
 toggl Toggl app is the ultimate timer for time management. Do not mess the timing for various projects; instead, catch Toggl that shows the time spent on each project. The timer maintains the log task time and based on the usage get usable reports. The app is available for Android, iOS, and desktop users.
 dropbox The popular Dropbox app is useful for marketing professionals, which exhibits the file sharing feature. This app makes the sharing an easy task so that you can access concerned files from anywhere. A single account is enough to access your files on any device. The fast background mechanism caters fats sharing with your friends or family.
 coach-me Exist as iOS, Android, and web app, Coach.me provides a platform for achieving your goals. Set personal or professional, desired or required goals and take effective steps towards it through the app. You can learn from the community experts and can track your goals easily.
 now-then Time is money. Therefore, tracking of time is an important thing as you can make valuable use of it. Now Then is a time tracking app that shows where and how you spend your time. Now Then Pro is available for iOS platform. Grab this fast and smart app for evaluation of your time.
 nimble Nimble CRM allows professionals to develop engaging online relationships with consumers. It builds a robust database from your mobile database including contacts, emails, and calendar activities so you can easily connect with them. It provides you the insights of your contacts for establishing crucial business relationships with them.


These apps are useful for boosting your digital marketing campaigns. They can help you discover the smart way of doing essential things for executing successful business. Important apps are present apart from these apps you can leverage to specify the needs of your business and organization.

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