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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Believable Product Reviews build Consumer Trust for Businesses

Believable-Product-Reviews-build-Consumer-Trust-for-BusinessesBusinesses usually ask for user reviews from their customers. From the restaurant business to an electronics item, the business considers user reviews important to pull new customers. But what if these reviews are fake. Their aim can be just to lure customers to spend money for products.

Sometimes, making people to deliberately post reviews also leads many organizations to earn a bad rapport. In a certain incident, it was found that in an invitation to leave a review from a ticket resale website, that tried to shake off the negative headlines, it ended up triggering bad publicity. This attempt made the plan a counter-productive.

Leaving the Consumers Doubtful

A business that has a lot of reviews can strengthen a business. Customer reviews play an important role in making buyers a quick buying decision. They save a lot of time in making the consumers buy the product or availing the service.  However, reviews can also cause a threat to a company’s reputation. The weakest part of online reviews is, anyone today can go online and post an online review. Even company owners make payments to buy positive reviews that can lure the customers to make quick buying decisions.

Many consumers very well understands this and now relies very little on such reviews. In order to keep the interests of the consumers’ safe, organizations receive warnings against fake reviews and bogus discounts.

Being Smart can Help

Sometimes people leave reviews about a service or a product that do not directly reflect the organization. For instance, if a review states delivery issues, the production company is not to blame for. Such an issue is all about the company that has delivered the product rather than the one that has manufactured it sold it. Companies are actively taking care of such situations where bad reviews aiming towards a business partner can harm the goodwill of the company.

The Bottom Line

In this regard, many companies are using Artificial Intelligence to transform the review sector. Even online reviews are filtered. The technology now reviews online statements by the consumers and analyzes their impact on the existing and new customer base before posting them on the internet. Technology is not putting back the “fake news” and the “post-truth” to help not only the consumers but also the companies to produce better products and services.

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