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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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How to Stay on Top of Your Competition

How-to-Stay-on-Top-of-Your-CompetitionIf asked- What does it take to run a business? The most efficient and promising term comes in mind is Marketing. There are various methods for performing marketing focused on one or other target. Mostly, the area that acquires less focus is competition. In the journey of building your product, it is crucial to grasp a view of your competitor’s efforts and reputation from where you can learn a lot.

Competition helps in making your business more innovative. Exploring your competitors’ tactics can generate newer and better ideas to you. It makes you try a different endeavor from what your competitors are doing and mark your identity. Track your core audience from competitors’ base and learn to improve customer experience that leads you to get loyal followers. Based on their practices and insights you can know what works and what does not.

Here are some tools recommended by HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah to stay on top of competition:

Grader Site

Use Grader website that shows a complete report over the site you wish to track. Find the description of your site and input competitor’s site to compare the performance. Catch on your top competitors and plan accordingly to beat their targets. Extract the site’s report link for you and your competitor and use them. The more the number of links to a site indicates the more traction associated with it.

Facebook Fans

Turn your heads towards Facebook to see the number of fans your company holds, against the website of your competitor. The track that number over a period to get the status of opponent’s company. Note the number as it has significance meaning reflecting its loyal consumers. If that number increases, it will make it difficult for you to gain customer’s acquisition, which could get you to focus on non-consuming areas of your market.

Compete Site

Access ‘compete’ to get the estimated traffic of your website in comparison to your opponent’s website. The traffic value generated will help you to move for better techniques, gaining more traffic to your site.

SiteAlerts Site

Go to SiteAlerts to know what marketing factors are contributing to your brand’s popularity along with the exact figures. See which keywords are driving traffic to your website and which are not. Compare the results with the results of your competitor’s site and get an idea for certain tactics and tools to increase your counts.

Online Buzz

Enter “your brand name” in Google to search it. The outcome will give you many results with a calculated value over the top of them. This figure shows the number of web pages that contain this brand name in their content.

The Bottom Line

To compare your position, find results for your competitors also. The number of results is vital as it shows your online popularity comparing to other sites. Track the outcome and make smarter decisions to achieve your target.

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