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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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What are the Three User Metrics that Counts for Search Engine Ranking?

What-are-the-Three-User-Metrics-that-Counts-for-Search-Engine-RankingIt sounds like a war when people find ways to achieve more rank on Google and the entire remaining search engines. However, getting on the top of search engine rankings is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a process that changes on a regular basis depending on Google’s factors that also changes periodically.

Therefore, to be able to attain the best position on any search engine, it is essential to keep yourself updated as well as on top of the game. For your information, it is the complete set of useful SEO tools that are sufficient for achieving and maintaining top positions. Three user metrics causing a difference in Google ranking mentioned:

Dwell Time

Dwell time is the duration between when a person clicks on to the link until when he goes back to the webpage. Google identifies the dwell time with an indication that longer the dwell time, valuable was the result. Therefore, it is all about giving the user the best search experience by offering information he/she was looking for. The ideal search engine ranking result is when someone lands on a page and receives the knowledge that the individual was crawling for. It will count as a precious factor if you increase dwell time on your website. Following are the way to increases dwell time:

  • The most critical factor is up to the quality of your content. Improve the tone, information source, and deliver everything mentioned in the Meta description.
  • Provide more information than people are expecting on your website. Connect them to related information other than what they have asked for.
  • Use tools for the repair of the broken links on your site. You can also remove them if not repair.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

One side it is evident that Google can collect and store information depends on click-through rates of search engine ranking results. There are no Google standards that define CTR for any category nor does that depend on the type of query. CTR or say, click through rate is a ratio of sometimes a search result was clicked as to which it was displayed in front of people. Moreover, CTR is not based on good or bad, many factors are affecting the situation, and Google accepts them all.

Google has categorized different click-through rates for a different type of queries. For example, branded keywords, the CTR is approx. 50% whereas for non-branded, the results get around 33% of all the clicks. No wonder, CTR does affect the ranking in real time. However, a temporary increase in some clicks will improve the temporary ranking only.

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It is one of the facts that searchers should be satisfied with the first search result and should receive the information they were looking for. The complete objective is to provide relevant information in the primary effect so that they do not hit the back button to look for other options. Meaning, when a user pogo-sticks to results, Google will downrank that page. Therefore, it is essential to reduce pogo-sticking. Following are the ways to minimize pogo-sticking:

  • Try removing or limit ads and pop-ups.
  • Website taking the time to load is also an essential factor. The webpage should not frustrate people compelling them to bounce back.
  • Inculcate site search so that if the initial result does not land to searcher’s query, the person will keep searching rather than bouncing back.

It is significant to reduce pogo-sticks to rank higher on Google.

Conclusively, focus on how to help searchers find the relevant information on your website. This is a whole and sole strategy to improve and optimize user behavior metrics.

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