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Friday , October 18 2019

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Nuclino


A perfect team collaboration is something every organization looks forward to applying. Nuclino one of the top collaboration tool such a solution that offers fantastic team collaboration among the team members of an organization. Some powerful features such as multiple groups and multiple dashboards dedicated towards projects, the application makes …

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Cubeit App Made Sharing Easy


The product Cubeit was developed and designed by a team of three IIT Gandhinagar students while they were in the college. The idea behind the project emerged when they realized that during a chat session on a phone, people struggle to  collaborate , organize and access their content. Although the team- …

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Cnverg


Can you imagine a business without collaboration? Obviously not! Here comes a time when every business needs to look outside the periphery of its employees for help, you cannot avoid collaboration there. Even within a business collaboration is utterly necessary to work cumulatively on a task and bring out the …

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