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Monday , September 21 2020

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Social Powered- Conferencing


Social media has become everyone’s need to be socially connected with the others they know (or maybe not). Conferencing is not a remaining intact from social media, despite one can leverage social media for the conference purpose. Though there are several cost effective tools available for conferencing, social media itself …

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Email Tools Product Review- Pepipost

Email-Tools-Product-review- pepipost

Among the numerous ways of communication emerged so far, Email has successfully secured its place without varying the usability for business. Emails are being used enormously by business decision makers, since it has the same effectiveness and capabilities as it had before to move the business forward. Pepipost is a …

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How “Speak” could not speak


Speak was basically designed to ease the communication between teams, especially the remote teams. It was built with the view to provide instant push to talk communication and to allow the team members to connect to each other in a push message without setting up any prior connection. Speak offered …

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