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Wednesday , December 1 2021

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Appointy Journey Through The Odds

Appointy-Journey-Through-The -Odds

An online scheduling firm after two bankruptcy without external support now has customers in more than 110 countries. The software helps in scheduling online appointments for SMBs. Appointy was launched in 2007 by Nemesh along with the team that included Khushal Patel, Sarang Verma, Puneet Pathak and Rajesh. Nemesh is …

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OriginApp Changing the Way to Communicate


Communication has experienced a lot of changes in the past few years and with recent advancement in technology. The major idea behind the origin of OriginApp is changing the way people communicate via technology. The team behind the project observed the manner in which people communicate and found out that …

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Communication Tools Product Review- SendBird


Communication is an art, must have heard this. Now shifting this view over technical aspects will generate results that even technology requires this technique for smooth functionality. Communication plays a favourable role in any software for better understanding. Therefore, today almost every app comes with chat/message feature to maintain a …

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