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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Social powered HR

Social-powered-HrSocial media has evolved the way of Human resources for the reason, it provides plenty of information that needed to be considered for the right Human resources operations. Whether it is talent acquisition, recruiting or employee engagement with the company, social channels pave the way for HR to be pro-active. Apart from recruiting, social channels are very helpful to establish the company as a brand.

Businesses can easily leverage social media channels to reach audiences with job postings, engage with candidates and answer queries. It’s a practical way to build relationships with talented candidates who may not even be actively looking for a new position. HR people are using social media to tell their company’s story using Instagram photos, Google+ and Pinterest pages, Twitter and Facebook posts.

At the same point of time, a growing number of job seekers are using these social networks to find the employers and choose the company they want to work for. All users need is an effective plan or strategy to fulfil HR goals. Know how to use social media in such a way that it look more tempting to talented candidates-


Users can post job openings on all the company pages on social media sites, including links to the listings on the company website. It makes easier for the company to get the notice of the audience when jobs become available and for candidates to apply.

Company Branding

To add more reputation of company online, users can post the activities and achievements about the company effectively using photos or video updates. It is supportive and crucial when visitors see the company pages on the social channels.

Employee’s Activities

Social media allows HR people to monitor the activities of their employees. Some companies allow employees to use social media throughout the day. Employee engagement with social channels increases brand image among targeted audiences.

Communication with Employees

Some companies talk to employees on Twitter to discuss company events so the audience can learn about them. Other companies use messaging tools such as Google Hangouts to talk with employees, no matter their location.


Since training is also a part of HR, it enables trainees to collaborate and communicate over social media sites to learn more about their job roles and company requirements.

The Bottom Line

Identifying the strategy is the most critical step when HR people introduce their company on the social media platform. To do HR operations successfully, one must be dedicated to work on social profiles. As a result, they see immense growth and a team developed of deserving candidates in the office premises that further can make the business profitable.

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