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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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The Best Time Tracking App for 2021

Filling out a paper timesheet was one of the most common methods of recording attendance some years back. With the advancement in technology, paper-based systems have gone digital too. Now the time tracking app can easily record how long the employees work each day.

The time management systems give business everything they need to track their employee’s performance. These systems can keep a record of the time at which the employee start and end their day. They can also show them their weekly schedules and also provides a portal to manage their time off requests.

There are several numbers of time management systems in the market today. These systems and tools have their own importance in tracking time for the teams. Here is a small list of some of the top-performing Time and Attendance Systems.

Acumen Data Systems

It is one of the top-performing employee time and attendance system that collects data through biometrics. The system also gathers data using RFID, barcodes, mobile applications, IVR, and some other intelligent and smart media platforms.

The data is automatically entered, adopting an error-free process. The users also get a customizable dashboard, smart time clocks, and geofencing to know where the employees are located and what are they busy in. The software configuration provided by the tool is customizable and can be changed as per your needs. Users of Acumen receives expert installation, user and management training, and consistent user support.

TimeClock Plus

It is an excellent time and attendance system for big teams. Its biggest benefit is its high flexibility in its features and service plans. Unlike the small organizations, larger teams have their own IT teams and might prefer hosting their time and attendance system on-premises. The facility is provided by TimeClock Plus.


The tool fits best for the business whose employees works remotely. An organization which works with on-the-go employees are looking for a time and attendance system that makes it easy for the workers to keep track of their time. The tool offers flexibility to check-in and checks out using any device such as a mobile phone, a laptop, or even through social media. It also allows the employees to keep track of the employees who are working remote just to make sure they are working from a location where they should be.


The tool is ideal for small businesses to manage their time and attendance systems. It helps managers to track and managers all the employee’s time. Moreover, since small businesses do not have dedicated IT staff, it needs a simple tool such as Stratustime which is simple to understand and use. It has all the features to fulfil all the needs of a small business.


The uAttend attendance and time management system is a good tool for a small and medium-sized business. The tool is cloud-based and needs no special software to install. There are several important features that this tool holds to manage timekeeping system for a micro business. The system is best for a small company as it does not have dedicated staff to manage software. The plug and play feature of such a tool helps these businesses to get a time and attendance system instantly. The tool is extremely easy to use and does not require special training.

An accurate time and attendance system can help your business grow. It can not only help to manage your projects; it can also help you save money. The time management system also helps you develop accuracy eliminating manual work of time tracking.

So choose the attendance and time tracking app for small business that best matches your business needs.

Source – Business News Daily

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