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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Three Tips to Improve Corporate Training for Remote Employees

Corporate training programs have long been adapted to offline methods, and most programs cannot be effectively used for training remote employees. The pandemic has forced businesses to shift online, and so has training programs as well. If you have always trained your employees in person, the conventional training methods will not be viable now. Additionally, sending them a training manual won’t cut it either.

Hence, to save most small and medium businesses from losing valuable human capital to lack of training, we have compiled a list of the best practices when training remote employees.

  1. Recorded Video Training

Giants such as IBM and Microsoft quickly changed to video-based training sessions at the start of the pandemic. They were able to extract maximum value from training sessions by showing employees pre-recorded training videos, meetings, and presentations. Such an approach drastically reduced the time required to train an employee. However, keep in mind that the videos that you shoot are recorded in high quality with the best audio possible, so trainees don’t miss anything important.

These video-recording libraries can be safely used for the forthcoming period as well. Videos can be watched when needed and reduces the chances of loss of important messages. Also, the human brain retains more information when taught visually compared to written or oral explanations. Videos can also be shared easily and stored conveniently on cloud servers. Research suggests that videos can successfully boost productivity.

  1. Feedback Addressment

Another best practice when training remote employees is to address feedback. New hires will be the first ones to experience the new remote training program. Hence, it is necessary for the business to heed their feedback proactively. Once a user gets used to the system, it becomes hard for the insider to notice the flaws and gaps. The feedback provided by the fresh eyes will provide invaluable input for the team and the training program.

Employee satisfaction can be improved if the newbies are brought up to speed faster and better. Higher employee satisfaction leads to greater productivity and ultimately greater benefit for the business. Additionally, when the employees know that their concerns will be addressed effectively, they will provide more input about the things that concern them, effectively creating a positive feedback loop.

  1. Impart Company Culture

Too often, training programs are solely based on the job expectations of the company and the most widely recognised optimum method to achieve it. It is highly recommended as the best practice for your training programs for remote employees that you attempt to convey the core company culture, values, and beliefs to the employees. The training program will fine-tune the values of the employee recognised by the HR department during the interview and mend them to their needs.

Additionally, it is important to understand that employees would like to work in an environment that matches their values. Training programs will help the employees understand the company values and will ultimately decide the employee’s retention rate. Higher performances will do the company no good if the employee doesn’t respect or fully believe in the company. Every interaction with the new hire should contain explicit indications of company culture and values. Never underestimate the effects of inducing the company culture in the training programs.

Final Word

Any company’s success and failure are determined by how well its employees are trained to do their duties to your standards. Unfortunately, the current corporate scenario gives little importance to corporate training. However, it has become increasingly important to train your employees in the remote business world. Hence, use these tips to train your employees for remote work successfully.

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