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Monday , June 24 2024

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Top Five Logo Creation Tools

Brand logo is the first point of contact for any business. It is the primary means for a business to establish their identity and uniqueness. Having a great logo that aptly justifies the business is a must-have. It can help your business attract more customers and even make it more memorable for them.

As a result, it is highly recommended to hire a professional graphic designer to design and implement your logo on all your offerings. However, small businesses already have a lot on their expense plates and hiring a new graphic designer might not be feasible for most. To help mitigate the funds issue, there are some other solutions available. One of these is to look for online logo creation tools. These tools are great options for small businesses looking to create a professional looking logo on a tight budget. Most logo creation tools does not require any design experience.

Following is a list of the top five logo creation tools available in the market for SMBs.

  1. Squarespace Logo

Squarespace has already displayed its efficiency in the DIY domain by successfully managing their online website designer app – Squarespace. Now, they are looking to enter the logo design market as well as their latest tool – Squarespace Logo is a highly simplified basic drag and drop tool. The interface is highly simplified and simply requires a company and tagline to begin the process. You will then be prompted to choose a basic design from the templates and you will enter the designer mode. Rearrange different elements to modify your design from funky to highly minimalistic. Change the fonts and colours to choose the best design as you see fit. Finally, click save and you’re done. The app also allows the user to preview their design on different business products such as business cards, websites, or T-shirts.

The tool is free to use. However, there are other charges for different offerings. The high-resolution logos are marked as free for all the Squarespace users and charges $10 for non-Squarespace users. However, a watermarked low-resolution logo is always available for free.

  1. LogoYes

LogoYes is a offering that allows users to create eye-catching logos at minimal prices. The app is easy to use and requires the user to access the Design Wizard option. The next step is to choose the basic art for your logo. After entering a company name, the app will prompt you to customize the design by rearranging the elements and adding other text if needed. Users have a wide-variety of art forms to choose from as the LogoYes has over 20,000 design elements. The highly is simplifies for businesses that don’t have the necessary expertise in logo designing. The only visible downside is that the copyright to the logo is retained by LogoYes. However, if businesses want, they can trademark their logos.

As stated earlier, LogoYes is highly affordable as with only 99 cents, users get a high-resolution logo that can instantly be print on business cards, magazines, websites, etc. It is also available in a wide range to supported file formats.

  1. LogoMaker

LogoMaker is one of the most popular online tools for logo design. The reason for its immense popularity is quite evident as the tool is highly simplified to use. The three-step logo design process is highly streamlined and efficient. The process starts with a selection of the industry your business deals in. Using its smart algorithm, LogoMaker sorts its basic design gallery according to the most popular designs in your chosen industry. The next step is to choose an image from the gallery of symbols, letters, and abstract icons. Use this step to customise your logo with extra text, fonts, and colours. Rotating icons and resizing them is also available. Before the final step of finalising the design comes in, the tool prompts the user to use its nifty ask-a-friend feature. The feature allows the user to invite their friends to provide a second opinion on their design and suggest changes, if any. The final step is to add a company name, preview, and approve the design.

The pricing model is also highly simplified. LogoMaker allows users to design and save up to six logos for free and use them without any cost. The saved logos can also be used on your websites without any cost using the provided HTML code. However, the high-resolution logo for business cards and printed material can be purchased at $49.

  1. DesignMantic

Though the other tools on this list provide great logo designs but the efficacy of DesignMantic in generating professional looking design in minutes in unmatched. The process begins by entering a company name. The next menu will present a wide variety of ready-to-use designs with various images, colours, and fonts. Choose the design that best suits your business and enter the DesignMantic Studio for the final changes. Use this window to make some final changes and acknowledge the changes suggested by the system. Before the checkout, DesignMantic also offers matching, customizable business cards suggestions. The tool is available on both the desktop and mobile platforms. It also saves your data for future use and can be accessed anywhere anytime to make any number changes to the design.

Logo designing is free on DesignMantic but a $29 charge is implemented on each logo download. An account is also required to save and purchase all your creations.

  1. Vistaprint

The last entrant for this list is the Vistaprint. It provides an all-in-one solution for businesses that wishes to use their newly designed logos on all of their promotional offerings. The print services are available in addition to the self-service logo maker. The simplified drag-and-drop feature allows user to choose from hundreds of premade designs. The fonts and colours are customisable as well. The fonts can either be downloaded or instantly used on business cards, websites, and other promotional offerings.

The logo designing process is free of cost but every logo download will cost $24.99. The cost will include unlimited access to your logos with all its different versions and different formats such as PDFs or JPEG files.

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