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Friday , June 22 2018

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BI Tools Product Review- Heap Analytics


If you run a business website, you need an analytics tool. Analytics give you an overview of the performance of the site, while a useful analytics give detailed reports of user interaction with the website. For example, the web page which kept the user engaged and the buttons where the …

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BI Tools Product Review- Ponch


Ponch is a highly efficient Business Intelligence tool. This can be handy way to track your business if you have an online store or a business that is dependent on the website. By tracking your business better through this amazing application, you can easily and quickly analyze and trace the …

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BI Tools Product Review- Idearium


Idearium is a Business Innovation software application that you can use for your organization. The application offers features and capabilities to add and share ideas and challenges to better track your workflow. Reporting and analytics features also help in your decision-making process. The tool can be an excellent BI solution …

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BI Tool Product Review- UnityReports


When you run a business online, you need to handle various reports on your business. Especially when you try to find out the overall performance of the products, website, and campaigns, you think of new investments such as recruitment and data sources. Undeniably, reports are the crucial part of any …

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BI Tools Product Review- eCommerce Dashboard

BI Tools Product review-eCommerce Dashboard

eCommerce is one of the top business at present times with internet reaching to the smartphones. eCommerce has undoubtedly become preferred shopping place for most of the buyers as this is one the most convenient way to buy things. On the other hand, if you own an eCommerce business having …

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BI Tools Product Review- Neatly

BI Tools Product review-

Business Intelligence has taken a new form with technology covering almost everything under its enormous umbrella. Efficient and effective BI tools are one of the top priorities a business considers. Many BI tools may be adopted by small and medium businesses helping them taking better and informed decisions. Neatly is …

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BI Tools Product Review- SimplyInsight

BI Tools Product Review - SimplyInsights

Data visualizations and Data tracking is something an organization may struggle with if efficient and effective tools are not adopted. SimplyInsight is one of such tool that can help you discover insights about your business by analyzing data in the best possible way. The tool connects with your online data …

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BI Tools Product Review- RTB Media

BI Tools Product review-RTBmedia

Reporting to any agency is very important, and it takes a significant amount of time in the everyday work. RTB Media helps a lot with the reporting to the agencies. It is a data-driven model and helps the domain visitors to analyse the target area. RTB Media helps you save …

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BI Tools Product Review- Owox BI


Business intelligence is the key to the success of any business. Having a tool that can offer fantastic BI services, and that too, integrating all the platforms such as analytics, storage, and processing at a single place is a boon for any business. Owox BI can be a fantastic partner …

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BI Tools Product Review- Founder’s Road

Startups and businesses are taking off once in every month, tempting customers by their competitive services. The sad part is not every idea succeeds in the market. How safe it would be if one can pre-test the opportunities of a ‘to be implemented idea’. Yes, this path has been serving …

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