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Thursday , January 17 2019

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Business intelligence Tools Product Review- Neatly

BI Tools Product review-

Business Intelligence has taken a new form with technology covering almost everything under its enormous umbrella. Efficient and effective BI tools are one of the top priorities a business considers. Many BI tools may be adopted by small and medium businesses helping them taking better and informed decisions. Neatly is …

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BI Tools Product Review- RTB Media

BI Tools Product review-RTBmedia

Reporting to any agency is very important, and it takes a significant amount of time in the everyday work. RTB Media helps a lot with the reporting to the agencies. It is a data-driven model and helps the domain visitors to analyse the target area. RTB Media helps you save …

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BI Tools Product Review- Founder’s Road

best business tool product review -

Startups and businesses are taking off once in every month, tempting customers by their competitive services. The sad part is not every idea succeeds in the market. How safe it would be if one can pre-test the opportunities of a ‘to be implemented idea’. Yes, this path has been serving …

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Top Business intelligence Tools Product Review- Slemma

BI Tools Product review- slemma

A business Intelligence software is all a business needs that helps modern business leverage data into benefits online and with less efforts. The tool lets you plug in directly to the most popular cloud services and databases. You can create, customize and share dashboards and visualizations, collectively with your entire …

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BI Tools Product Review – Ptengine

BI Tools Product review-ptengine

Ptengine is one the top business intelligence tool or a platform that provides web analytics and heatmap solutions for content marketers, web developers and designers. It was developed by a Japanese IT Company founded in 2010. Analyzing a website’s traffic has become a crucial factor for a business’s growth. Ptengine …

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BI Tools Product Review- Dataforce

BI Tools Product review-Dataforce

Finding insights for your business is one of the most important and challenging tasks. Not only that tracks your investments and profits, but also insights and analytics helps a business makes wise, timely and informed decisions for future. DataForce is one such business intelligence tool that any business can adopt …

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BI Tools for small business product Review- Angeloop

BI Tools Product review- angeloop

For startups and small business owners, it is critical to keep an eye upon cash flow, since they have less resources and low budget. They know how the cash flow affects their business operations. Angeloop a business intelligence tool for small business which provides the near perfect solution for cash …

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BI Tools Product Review-

BI Tools Product review-

Every person who has a SaaS business is worried about Monthly Recurring Revenue, one of the most important metric of a SaaS business. MRR helps you analyse your Monthly Recurring Revenue and if you are Paddle user, you are lucky to have MRR. MRR helps you handle VAT and PayPal …

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