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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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How Viral Nova Reached New Heights With Amazing Team

How-Viral-Nova-reached-New-Heights-With-Amazing-TeamViralNova is one of the leading digital publisher well known for producing content for social media. This digital content is said to have over 100 million monthly online visits. Zealot Networks took over it in the year 2015. This deal was worth of $100 million. This deal left CEO Sean Beckner with a number of opportunities to fulfill his dreams.

This was a huge success. As the CEO Beckner, purchased it as just a year earlier for an amount of $3.4M. One of the viral content visionary Scott DeLong was the founder of the company at the initial phase. Scott has been running this website alone with only two freelancers at that time.

Reasons behind the Success

ViralNova was already on its peak when Beckner bought it. The rate at which the company was progressing was already exceptional. To take it to greater heights, Beckner wanted to make a wise use of the insights. These insights were taken from DeLong to boost its reach on the internet. Also, to make things organized, he hired Shaun Tilford to work as ViralNova’s CTO. Shaun was also responsible to build a platform. This platform was for the editorial team of the company to work and gain the maximum impact.

The best outcome was, Shaun finally was working on a website that gained the maximum traffic but he was working for a company that possessed a technology that had all the assets that could help them grow the other segments of the business. A firm technical power worked as a force multiplier to help reach ViralNova on higher success levels.

The Best Partners Bought It

When Zealot Networks came for ViralNova, Beckner and DeLong  had no plans to make a deal for it. The key factor that made the deal finally happen was their common vision for the business. A plan was made on the ways how these companies could help each other in finding brands that complement their existing areas of expertise. Another driver for this deal was Beckner’s excitement to work with the president of Zealot, Danny Zappin who was the co-founder and the former CEO of the Marker Studio, company. Disney later took over this company in the year 2014.

The Bottom Line

The motivated team of ViralNova strongly believe that although many companies go through merges and separations, it is best to take wise decisions. It is important to ensure that the partners that work together share a common vision  and complement each other in the business activities.

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