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Sunday , July 14 2024

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What Are The Simple & Effective Ways To Update Old Content?

What-Are-The-Simple-&-Effective-Ways-To-Update-Old-ContentConsider yourself as a reader and get back to the old content written by you. You will probably find a few mistakes, changes in facts and think that it requires updating to remain on the top. Therefore, it is quite clear that displaying the same things for years is not a good marketing strategy.

Moreover, Google owns love for those who update their content.

Thus, content is not constant and requires going through amendments as the time passes. You must be thinking there are so many posts already written and would probably be a trash now.

No! You can maintain the reach and optimism of the content by updating it. There are some ways to update your old content. Here, are some of them mentioned below:

Send it to Trash Bin

If possible and seems easy, delete the old content and start with the new. Well, people would rarely choose this way of updating the content but do this can be beneficial for the company. Moreover, if the content is completely wrong as per the current scenario, it is advised to delete and begin with the new.

Update Section

Well, if there is a significant change that requires being done in the content then adding an update section will be the right thing to do. For example, if you have written a post in the year 2010 and will find the need to refresh the content in 2016, make desired changes with a note that the section is updated last on.

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Post it Again

Content will always appear from the date when it was published. It gives an impression as the content is old and readers might refrain from reading an old content. If you want it to get back to new of new readers, then republish with a new date. This will help your content to reappear on the front of the page and eligible to get a new attention. Marketers do it frequently and get the readers back on a fuddy-duddy post.

Create New Posts

One option is to write a whole new post with the message and content you want to convey to the readers. In case if you want people who have gone through the old content should get an update of new, send a notification to them. The message can highlight those who have read the old post, should experience the fresher information of the new post.

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Add Images

There is no wrong with the fact – “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” If your aim is to get the attention of readers on an old post, add images to it. People prefer visualizing things that were just reading an extra amount of content. Trust us; images can never do injustice to your content.

What are the Posts you can Consider Updating?

While there is the time it gets necessary to make a change to the old irrelevant content, there are also cases when doing it intentionally. So, which are the best posts to update? Decide to update posts based on following circumstances.

Old Post that Generates lots of Traffic
The old posts coming across a lot of traffic from search engines should experience periodical changes. Those are the post that people read more, like and follow. Thus, such content should be up-to-date without the existence of any old data. As your old posts continue generating traffic in the future, maintain it with the newest content.

The Bottom Line

Summing up, you can always follow the above hacks to update your old content. Your old content can be placed among the new category with these hacks. Apart from the points mentioned above, if you want your content to be more credible, try balancing updated and evergreen content.

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