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Friday , June 22 2018

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Growth Hacking Tools Product Review-

Growth- Hacking- is a growth tool for professional Twitter users. It is developed by Napolean Ltd., a software company situated in Warsaw, Poland. helps you find prospects, engage with them and generate leads by finding the most relevant opportunities. On every page you retweet, adds a conversion widget to …

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10 Things an Investor Looks for in an Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship is a roller-coaster venture of vital phases. This journey does not only belong to an entrepreneur but also the team associated and the other stakeholders of the business. From the thought of an idea to its implementation, the investment pays a major contribution to the business growth and establishment. …

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Shutting Down of Walnut for Better One


Startups have become a business fashion in today’s life. Every third person wants to go for business. It has its charm regarding money market, reputation and moreover, fame. Not all business does well, is a bitter truth to swallow for those making their mind towards business and for other fellow …

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Tapglue


With the internet fever and people all over the world going social, businesses believe that adding the social touch and reaching their customers through social media was an intelligent move towards their business’s success. Tapglue is one of such kind platform that helps your business add a social layer to …

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