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Wednesday , February 26 2020

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Impact of Social Media on The Product


There are ample of applications exists in the market for every task, from personal use to professional goals. People would not be aware of the latest and convenient product until it is popular. Thanks to diverse platforms, marketing tools, social media that provides a broad reach to people. Since customers …

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Story Behind Makerbook


Having experience with over 30 domain names, the team started the project – Makerbook. All they wanted is, to make a big hit- to mark a presence on the internet. Makerbook is all about a platform that combines links to all the websites that offers free and high-quality services. Makerbook is …

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Top 10 Hashtag Research and Management Tools


The hashtag spree has rapidly gained momentum in the last five years. A hashtag plays an instrumental role in interaction with the social media. From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest, hashtags come into existence everywhere. Efficient utilization of hashtags can boost your social media marketing strategy. Hashtags provide …

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Top 10 Writing Tools for Social Media Marketers


Social media marketers use many tools for various tasks, but when it comes to creating quality content for social media posts, they choose a time-consuming and non-effective way. The marketers know that the content is capable of driving the traffic and to demonstrate a better appearance over social media. There …

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Marketing Tools Product Review-


Social Media has become the backbone of marketing, allowing business owners to reach far more people than conventional methods. According to Business2Community, 90% of young adults actively use one or more than one social media sites. It immensely increments the pool of targeting people and reaching more audience than has …

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Pagelanes


The marketing field nowadays has been affected a lot by the social media. Be it small or large enterprises, the social media has become an integral part of marketing. Pagelanes makes social media management easier with team-based collaboration. It helps the users to increase Return On Investment (ROI) over social …

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