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Wednesday , December 1 2021

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Overcoming the Fear of Failure- Edge 45

Overcoming-the-Fear-of-Failure-Edge 45

Edge 45 is a Yorkshire based digital marketing agency founded in July 2015 by Colin Docherty. The company provides expert analysis to help startups and small businesses increase their online presence by providing some actionable insights to increase the performance of a website. The company is particularly dedicated to serve …

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Marketing Tools Product Review- EchoRank

Marketing tools-product-review-echorank

Social media now a days is playing a vital role in digital marketing. People are concerned about the virality of their content. But measuring the virality manually and drilling down various pages and tweets can be difficult. This is where EchoRank enters the field. EchoRank allows publishing through the platform …

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10 must have Social Media Tools


Social media is the one platform that can be most beneficial for startups and small businesses to promote their business. It allows you to reach your target audience without having to spend a large amount of money. What is required from you is to use this platform effectively. There are …

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3 Ways to Dramatically Increase Email Subscriptions


Even with the emergence of so many social media channels, email stands strong at its place when it comes to delivering marketing messages. According to a research, 77% of customers still prefer receiving a permission-based email for marketing communications. Developing a growing email list is an effective way to create …

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Do’s and Don’ts of Infographics


Being a marketer, still thinking what to post when the white box asks “what’s happening” or “what’s up in your mind”. Don’t think too much, infographics are there for you. They are the best way for visual content marketing, includes graphs, pictures, charts and other visual elements that can be …

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