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Thursday , July 2 2020

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10 Wearable Tech Trends to Watch in 2016


The year 2016 is going to encounter some fabulous trends in wearable technology. Our accessories are getting smarter, capable of doing so much more than their traditional usage. Whether it is for fashion, entertainment, physical fitness or just adding a little more convenience to our everyday activities, some innovative wearables …

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Zirtual- The story of virtual assistants


Zirtual is a concept about a team of certified and capable professionals that assist clients by doing their assigned task virtually; the concept was primarily founded by the platform. helps startups get customers, press, mentors, and funding. Zirtual offers virtual assistants (VA) to the clients to perform the …

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Humai- Reinventing the Afterlife through AI

Humai- Reinventing-the-Afterlife-through-AI

Science Fiction movies have been displaying the turn of events Artificial Intelligence has the capability to bring. Movies like IRobot and Transcendence truly speaks of the marvels that future awaits. Though, it sounds like made up stories but there was a time when flying aircrafts were considered nothing but sorcery …

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What the Wearable Technology Will look like in 5 years

What-the-Wearable-Technology -Will-look-like-in-5-years

Everybody gets stunned every time when a new smart wearable comes in the market. Every time the technology raises the bar, breaks the pathway of current tech products and gets a fresh beginning with innovative new tech products. Collectively, predictability of technology seems to have a slippery slope. Smartphones ousted PCs by …

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10 Tech Tasks Small Businesses should Outsource


Small business owners at all times try to find better solutions for their tasks and figuring out their budgets and resources. They at all times look at the top most tools that have the capabilities to simplify the glitches while running the business. That’s where outsourcing is required. Outsourcing has …

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Top 10 mobile apps for SMBs


Running a business lays down a number of tasks and responsibilities, especially for small business owners. All of these tasks require efficiency and speed. Thankfully, there are mobile apps to take care of almost all of these tasks. You can use these apps to carry out a number of day-to-day …

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IoT is hot! And What’s cold about it?


Internet of Things (IoT) is a phrase gaining foothold in the global wordbook of technology. This has been affecting our lives in a wide variety of jobs- from building and home automation, smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart wearables, healthcare to automotive But as it is said ‘with all good comes …

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