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Saturday , January 28 2023

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Technology Tools Product Review- ClearPredictions


ClearPredictions is a cloud- based online platform that provides a predictive analytics solution for businesses. The reason it is different from the traditional predictive analytics tools is because it is not as complex to operate. The currently available tools can only be comprehended by experts with high analytical skills. ClearPredictions simplifies …

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Technology Tools Product Review- RapidSpike


Running an online business may help you to manage various business processes, but it takes lots of work to maintain digital assets. You need to ensure that digital assets such as servers, websites, and networking devices, are performing efficiently. There are several tools available having different functions for the measurement …

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The Growth Story of Findo


Findo is the new Artificial Intelligence startup that has launched its product to find things. The application uses very smart algorithms to find files, messages, and other data and information across your online accounts. The product is co-founded by Gary Fowler and Dr. David Yang; it has grown to be …

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Technology Tools Product Review- Wix ADI


You must have heard of the long list of applications artificial intelligence is becoming capable of performing. Now, there is another name added to that list, website design. That’s right; Wix ADI uses artificial intelligence to create a website for you automatically. ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence that eliminates …

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The Shut Down of AppSurfer


AppSurfer tries to solve problems of downloading apps unnecessarily. The apps will be available for instant access. The team is seeking to do this by streaming apps from the cloud and instantly running them on the device of the user. Google, recently launched a product named Instant Apps. Instant Apps …

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