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Wednesday , August 15 2018

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- ProofMe


Content management takes more time than its creation. It’s after-made changes, representation and approval are not an easy task. Every digital data is relevant from a page to a video file. Therefore, it demands attention and participation of each associated person. What if a software helps a user to make …

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BI Tools Product Review- Idearium


Idearium is a Business Innovation software application that you can use for your organization. The application offers features and capabilities to add and share ideas and challenges to better track your workflow. Reporting and analytics features also help in your decision-making process. The tool can be an excellent BI solution …

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Minority


In small to medium scale companies, the business workflow management often fails. The realization of this notion is marginal that workflows define the business processes and drives ERP. But the establishment of an efficient workflow system is tedious and demands particular skill set. Minority takes this responsibility on its shoulders. …

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Nuclino


A perfect team collaboration is something every organization looks forward to applying. Nuclino is one such a solution that offers fantastic team collaboration among the team members of an organization. Some powerful features such as multiple groups and multiple dashboards dedicated towards projects, the application makes team collaboration easy.   …

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