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Sunday , December 8 2019

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Online CRM Tools Product Review- Blitzen

Is running your business while doing marketing along the sidelines becoming a difficult task? Are you losing crucial information because of overwhelming efforts put into marketing? What you need is a great tool which not only handles your marketing needs but also helps you in building and managing profiles. Fortunately, …

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Pagelanes


The marketing field nowadays has been affected a lot by the social media. Be it small or large enterprises, the social media has become an integral part of marketing. Pagelanes makes social media management easier with team-based collaboration. It helps the users to increase Return On Investment (ROI) over social …

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Automate Ads


Automate Ads is a fully automated ad campaign manager. It is a cross-platform software that aims at automating, optimizing and unifying your digital advertising campaigns. It uses technology and data science to eliminate the need for daily campaign management manually. All your daily tasks like A/B testing, ad rotation, bid …

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Best BI software Product Review- Heap Analytics


If you run a business website, you need an analytics tool. Analytics give you an overview of the performance of the site, while a useful analytics give detailed reports of user interaction with the website. For example, the web page which kept the user engaged and the buttons where the …

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