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Friday , July 10 2020

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3 Common Google Analytics Gaps You Need to Plug


Google Analytics is a free tool that provides great reports over a business website usage. This analytical tool is vital for all the organizations out there; you can receive aggregate, surface level, and top-of-the-funnel data. The platform significantly measures and shows the variables of your site. The traffic channel and …

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3 Video Advertising Predictions For 2017


Technology is committed to new approaches that are giving emerging solutions to the world. Video advertising is one of the trending area, which has risen at a fast pace. It has proved to be creating more user engagement. Since years the video advertising has been a commercial hit in the …

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3 Tools to make Awesome Images for Twitter


Visual Content is ruling the world of the Social Media Marketing these days. Visual content is the key to every business that drives traffic and sales. With social media taking over, we have no doubt become a social media scrolling society. There are many social platforms that people visit every …

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3 Great Tools For Promoting Your Ebook


Technology has become both a boon and curse for the authors. On one hand, it has provided a wide opportunity for self-publishing. On the other hand, it has paved the way for a huge competition. Anyone can write a few thousand words and publish it in the name of an …

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3 Simple Steps For a Successful SEO Campaign


In today’s time, online visibility is directly associated with profit. The beauty of the internet is that everyone gets a fair chance to build their brand image and succeed. It is not too difficult to succeed in online marketing. The problem with most businesses is that they don’t know where …

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Top 10 Hashtag Research and Management Tools


The hashtag spree has rapidly gained momentum in the last five years. A hashtag plays an instrumental role in interaction with the social media. From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest, hashtags come into existence everywhere. Efficient utilization of hashtags can boost your social media marketing strategy. Hashtags provide …

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3 Best Free Tools for Instagram Analytics


With the majority of the pollution moving towards social platforms, the business is also shifting towards them. They are moving to capture leads and to drive visitors to customers. Instagram is becoming one the most popular social platform and is widely used for business to project themselves. The only thing …

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3 Tips for Winning the Loyalty of Your Customers


Generating retaining customers is a difficult task. With changing technology, customer viewpoints are changing, which eventually makes it hard to follow a particular trait for converting them into loyal users. However, advanced tools and services can be helpful to garner loyal followers if applied appropriately, taking care of users’ choices. …

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3 Link Building Lessons For Beginners


Link building is a critical phase for establishing a demanding business in the present market scenario. Full ranges of tools help in link building to your website, increasing its position in Google rankings. However, the large pool of widgets does not always ensure the favorable link building situations for a site. …

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