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Marketing Tools Product Review- WorkWoo

Marketing-tools-product- review-workwoo

Feedbacks are an essential part of the development and improvement of any organization. However, collecting feedback from a large crowd is difficult for two reasons. Firstly, gathering and analyzing the data from the huge crowd becomes a hectic task. Secondly, some people provide some negative feedback and do not want …

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3 Trends That Will Drive Digital Transformation


In this digital era where companies are seeking positive marketing consequences, they are leveraging each entity associated with digital technology. Thus, it makes it crucial to understand the facts that help in driving Digital Transformation towards your business goals. You can do so in following three ways: Customer Behavior The …

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10 Things You Should Know About Facebook Ads


Facebook is undoubted, ruling over all the other social media channels. This also made it one of the most preferred places for the business to spread their regime. Facebook has given a completely new definition to the social media advertising. IF you too wish to make the most of your …

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The 3 Crucial Features of a Great CTA


Call to Action (CTA) enables your customers to connect with you in the way you want. CTA holds a specific meaning to the visitors and more for the business. Therefore, the implication of significant measures is vital to generate high Call to Action rates through your website or portal. Below …

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Good, Bad, and Ugly of GST


With the introduction of the Goods and Service Tax (GST), business is facing confusions. The Indian businesses are still unaware of how to deal in with things. What all rates are applicable on goods and services are still unknown. People are strange to how taxing system changed pre and post …

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