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Friday , October 7 2022

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3 SWOT Analysis Tools for Small Businesses


Small and medium sized business have a lot to keep track of including the goals, growth objectives, weakness, and strengths, not forgetting the marketing aspect as well which demands a lot of time in itself. SWOT analysis is one such thing that small and medium sized businesses need to pay …

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10 Best IoT Gadgets


Internet of Things (IoT), as the name implies, is like internet connected with the things that makes possible what we had imagined years ago. IoT is cracking the limits of our imagination and even beyond our imagination. It simplifies our daily needs dramatically whether it is an alarm clock, LED …

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How to successfully launch your first product


So you’ve developed a great product and are ready to launch it. Here starts your prelaunch process and you can’t take this process lightly because there is only one chance you get to do it right. This is different from a marketing tactic where you can mess up a number …

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3 effective ways to use Snapchat for your business

Snapchat is not just a photo or video sharing platform but one of the effective ways for small businesses to establish relationships with customers. Adding Snapchat to your social marketing strategy can help grow your brand with nominal effort. Using Snapchat businesses are getting a great success as a part …

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