Monday , January 23 2017

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10 Best New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017


With the popularity of social media engagement, businesses are making their presence on these channels. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other platforms are now supporting businesses engagement with customers. With the increase in the the use of social platforms, it became difficult for enterprises to manage their social media accounts. ...

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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017 For Small Businesses


The growth of digital marketing has been tremendous in the past few years and it is growing exponentially every year. The consumers have the world at their fingertip due to no limitations or barriers. A global market has been created and so 2017 promises to play a significant role in ...

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CRM Predictions for 2017


CRM is one of the most important and critical aspect of a company among all the other activities. The building, managing and keeping customers happy is all that is a necessity for any organization to prosper in the market. Here are some of the CRM predictions that are expected to ...

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HR Tools Product Review- Betterteam


You can see Top 10 HR Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 HR Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details Betterteam is an HR tool that is designed for individuals and small teams. This efficient tool is designed to ease the hiring process having the simple interface and ...

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Project Management Tools Product Review- DropTask


You can see Top 10 Project Management Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Project Management Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details DropTask is a powerful project management application that works with multiple external platforms to offer fantastic service. The visual appearance of the various tasks and added ...

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Technology Tools Product Review- Able2Extract10


Every office today, no matter which industry uses Microsoft Office documents for each and every move they make. In this process, file conversion is the task that is I high demand, is frequent and is challenging. Although there are many online tools that offer this service, most of them are ...

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Email Tools Product Review- ReplyUp


You can see Top 10 Email Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Email Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details Emails have been a traditional business communication platform. With time, they have become a significant and habitual asset of the firm. They perform our professional and sometimes personal ...

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What Morgan Linton learned in 6 months as a Founder?


Journey to a new business brings in new life for an entrepreneur. Leaving behind the traditional way of living, they have chosen this path only to expect the unexpected and transforming it into reality. While for everyone involved in business this journey is different, however learning is a thing that ...

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Binfire

Project-Management-tools-Product Review-Binfire

Project management directly correlates to the productivity of business. Business owners hire project managers to ensure their plans be on the right track from planning to the finishing point. The management efforts vary with the complexity of the projects. The project managers use project management tools to make it easy ...

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Topvisor

Marketing-Tools Product-review-topvisor

What is the most difficult task for an SMB owner? Product design? Human resource management? Finance management? No! The most difficult task is marketing and what is even more challenging is market analysis to achieve exponential growth. The reason behind significant startup failures is that they are not able to ...

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Patterbuzz Buzzed the Indian market for a While


The idea behind the product Patterbuzz emerged to the founder, Amit Goel’s who has keen interest towards reading through the media. The everyday media provide such an amazing content that was easy for regular people to understand and follow. No doubt a lot of efforts were put into these publications ...

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Marketing and Sales Tools Product Review- Refersion


In today’s competitive world, growing a business is a tough task. It needs diverse sources and their contribution to achieving a target. Marketing and sales sector involves a wide variety of tools that helps in accomplishing a goal in an organization. Affiliate marketing is one such type that supports to ...

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ZipHop- Driving Their Way to Success

ZipHop- Driving-their-way-to-success

People often prefer driving on their own rather than requesting to someone else or by public transport. Whether it is for a road trip or exploring a new city 60-70 percent of people like to self-drive. ZipHop is an online platform for booking self-drive vehicles. It has led some ventures ...

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Get Online Payment Solution Through Razorpay


IIT alumni, Harshil and Shashank, launched the firm in March 2015. Razorpay aims to deliver a simple, affordable, and secure solution for online payment in India for startups and SMEs including schools, colleges and training centers. While Shashank worked for Microsoft, Harshil had a job at Schlumberger. Both of them quit ...

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Arc

Marketing-Tools Product-review-Arc

The teams can focus on their Google analytics with the help of Arc. Most people find it annoying and difficult to analyse graphs and tables. To overcome it Arc comes into action by explaining the analytics in a message that is short and easy to read. In this way, the ...

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